Play is the highest form of research
— Albert Einstein

Our curriculum approach is child-centred and emergent. We believe that children learn through hands-on experimentation within their environment. Teachers play an important role and will guide children based on their own unique abilities. Staff observe and listen carefully to the children as they play. The observations guide our curriculum as staff create opportunities for children to deepen their thinking, represent their understanding and encounter new prospectives. We believe that each moment we share with the children helps us build relationships and creates a learning environment that is nurturing to children, families, and educators. By creating a safe, secure and warm environment children develop an eagerness to learn.

Infant 0-18 months

Our infant program follow’s each child’s individual schedule, based on input from our families. A daily record of sleep, eating and diapering is recorded and available to parents on a daily basis. Our program includes opportunities for exploring indoor and outdoors, song and dance, creative play, sensory play and a lot of time for hugs and cuddles.

Toddler 18-30 months

Our toddler program follows a flexible group schedule. Sleep times, eating and diapering are documented on a daily basis and available to parents. Our program includes opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, music and movement, creative art, sensory, puzzles, stories, blocks, dramatic play and science. We also focus on learning to play in a group setting.

PREschool 30 months - 5 years

Our preschoolers follow a flexible group schedule. Educators document learning experiences that occur during a play experience. Our program includes opportunities for exploring indoor and outdoor experiences, creating with the arts (visual, dramatic and music), discovering science, engaging in math and literacy activities, developing social skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and problem solving.